Separate Accounts Overview

Preserving and investing your money effectively requires time, effort, and expertise. You may be interested in a financial program designed for your unique needs. A separate account offers distinct advantages by providing a level of service and sophistication generally available only to large institutions and very wealthy investors.

What a Separate Account From PGIM Investments Can Offer You:

Professional Management
Direct Ownership of Securities
Tax Management Potential
Ongoing Monitoring

About Jennison Associates

A specialist in actively managed equity portfolios, Jennison Associates has proven expertise in growth, value, blend, and specialty equity strategies across market capitalizations.

Jennison Associates has been managing client assets for more than 35 years. All portfolios are constructed using bottom-up internal fundamental research that takes advantage of the experience and judgment of its portfolio managers and analysts.

Jennison's investment teams focus on specific areas of the market, with analysts organized by industry and sector. Investment professionals gather in a daily morning meeting to share information and insights, which ensures that Jennison's clients benefit from the deep resources and experience of the entire organization.

A disciplined approach to investing has led to a loyal customer base that ranges from individual investors to many of today's largest corporations and institutions.

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